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In-Home Therapy: Bringing PT to Your Home

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

What is In-Home Therapy?

Sometimes called mobile PT or concierge PT, in-home physical therapy is not the same as home-health.

Home-health physical therapy is when a physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, or nurse comes to your home to provide you care because you are physically unable to get out of your home. Typically these services are covered by Medicare insurance and you have to meet certain requirements in order to receive this care.

In-home physical therapy is outpatient physical therapy brought to you for convenience and to provide one-on-one care to assist you in healing, progressing, recovering, training, or rehabbing. Physical therapists are movement specialists and doctors in their field and use their education to provide you with education and treatment for your pain or limitations. When we come to your home, we are able to utilize these skills with the simplest of tools to help you gain range of motion, strength, flexibility, or joint mobility.

What Happens During In-Home Therapy?

Typically your in-home PT session will include manual techniques completed by your physical therapist to help you gain mobility, increase range of motion, or enhance your posture, exercises or stretches to assist in re-training the body, practicing a new movement pattern or posture, and/or strengthening muscles to complete an activity better or with less pain. Ongoing assessments will be completed to make sure you are progressing towards your goals and the treatment is going in the right direction to give you relief of pain.

In-Home Therapy with On The Move Massage & Physical Therapy

When you work with On The Move Massage & Physical Therapy for your in-home PT, you will receive a FREE phone consultation to discuss your situation to make sure working together is the best next step for you. If it is determined that we can assist you in meeting your goals, an assessment will be scheduled to evaluate what you have going on and where your limitations lie that may be limiting you from reaching your goals. Finally, treatment sessions will begin where we address these limitations in order to help you see progress towards your goals.

If you could benefit from one-on-one in-home physical therapy, now is the time to get started! Don’t wait until your pain is excruciating, your function is limited, or you’re unable to move like you need to! Schedule your consultation now by visiting my website or give me a call: (740) 590-3923.

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