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New Client Information

What can new clients expect?

No-charge consultation

Typically done over the phone with a call or Zoom/video call to answer any questions you may have and get to know one another to make sure we are the best fit for you/your team. Click here to book a consult now.


Initial Assessment

Scheduled from the consultation, we set aside 1.5 hrs for individuals and 2-3 hrs for a team to go over baseline measurements, complete the Athlete’s Total Body Assessment, and discuss goals and a plan to meet them. During this time, treatment and/or training will begin. 


Treatment/training sessions

You can expect each treatment session to last ~1 hr for individuals and ~2 hrs for teams. During each session there will be ongoing assessments and measurements taken to make sure there is progression towards goals. As needed, hands on treatment will be provided to increase joint mobility or soft tissue mobilization as well as stretching for flexibility. The session will conclude with exercises/programming to continue throughout the days until the next session with anticipation you will be progressing each time. 



As you begin to meet goals, return to sport, or heal from an injury, there is the option to continue progressing strength, endurance, agility, and power or general conditioning through ongoing sessions focusing on the aspects needed to help you meet your long term goals, ie. Playing in college, making the varsity/club team, increasing your vertical jump, mastering a skill. 

Get Started with On The Move
Total Body Physical Therapy

Ready to get back in the game and get to the next level?

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