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Don’t Believe Me?! Listen to These Guys!

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

So, there’s one thing I’m not good at and it’s talking about myself. Except for my husband, he gets to hear me talk all about how confident I am in my skills as a doctor of physical therapy. And he usually agrees with me and supports me in all my business decisions. I say to him, “I’m the best doctor you’ll ever meet!”

I believe that God has given me these skills and talents to help others feel better. I also believe that I understand the body more than most people, and even more than some other PT’s I know. It just makes sense to me and it is easy for me to translate it however I need to in order to help you!

But, if you don’t believe me or think my confidence is too much, you can take it from these guys who have spoken so nicely of me after our work together.

The Benefits of Regular Recovery Sessions

Cecil came to me with tightness in his lats that was limiting his ability to hang from a bar to do muscle-ups at the gym. He felt stiff in his shoulders and weak in his ability to pull himself up to the bar. If you are struggling with shoulder problems and are interested in reading more, click the link to read my post "Defining the Shoulder: What My Diagnosis Means for Me."

Cecil and I work together regularly to help him maintain flexibility in his shoulders and back as well as educate him on different exercises that he can work on to build up the strength he needs to complete a muscle-up.

It is so amazing seeing him make gains in his mobility and strength to not only complete the muscle-up from a bar, but also from rings where he can string together a few at a time!

You can listen to his experience by clicking here.

Preventing Re-Injury & Learning Stability

Two years ago Nelly, one of my favorite high school students and volleyball players, came to me after spraining her ankle at the beginning of the club season. We worked diligently together to get her back on the court and playing again very quickly.

This past year she unfortunately suffered an ankle sprain to the other ankle and again was at the beginning of her club season! In order to get her back safely, but quickly, I saw her 2-3x/week and we focused the majority of our time on stabilizing her ankles to help prevent re-injury and building up her balance and control to change directions quickly and jump frequently.

Nelly was able to return in time for her first big tournament and she is crushing it on the volleyball court! If you’d like to read what her mother had to say about our time together, you can click here.

Setting Goals & Creating a Plan

Maybe the hardest part about working through an injury or pain or trying to progress yourself to the next level on your own is knowing where to start and having the motivation and endurance to last the distance so that you make it to the finish line and meet your goals.

One of the very first topics that we will discuss when working together is your goals.

  • What do you want to accomplish?

  • Where do you want to be?

  • What can’t you do that you want to be able to do?

There is proven research that says when you discuss your goals and write them down, you are more likely to meet them. And that’s just what we’ll do.

That’s only step one though. The second step is creating a plan to meet these goals. Sometimes this can be a hard thing to do because most times it requires a time and financial commitment that may be more than you are ready to hear. It is important to keep in mind, in order to reach your goals you have to improve your deficits and also train your body to use a new movement pattern or muscle that it most likely hasn’t done before.

Look at it like this: Do you think Lebron James, or any professional athlete works on their goals just when they feel like it or maybe 1x/week? No way! They’re typically in the gym a couple times a day and maybe more in their off-season. You may not be trying to be a professional athlete, but it doesn’t take away from the importance of repetition, consistency, and training.

So, are you ready? Let’s do this! Get scheduled for a FREE phone consultation so that we can discuss what you have going on and get started making a plan to help you meet your goals! Find out more about what a new client can expect here!

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