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Physical Therapy Doesn’t Have to Equal Pain!

When most people hear that someone is getting physical therapy they associate it to an injury or pain. Don’t get me wrong, as a physical therapist I treat and educate many people on how to get rid of pain and keep it gone, but that’s not all I do. As a movement specialist, with education in physiology, the study of living organisms and their bodily functions, and kinesiology, the study of the mechanics of body movements, a lot of what I do is assist individuals and teams in finding ways to prevent injuries, gain mobility to achieve new range of motion, and progress their strength to maximize their skills.

Preventing Injuries

Injury prevention is a HUGE part of what we do as physical therapists. Understanding how the body works together allows us insight into how injuries happen or pain begins based on how you move (or don’t move).

Working with athletes or sports teams to determine any deficits that could lend them to injury or pain. It is a great way to start your off-season training to prepare and better your skills for next season. There is the option to work together individually (just you and me) to address your goals for next season and specific to your position OR as a team (your whole team and me) to address team goals and maximize the strengths of the team and work to prevent injuries such as shoulder tendonitis, ankle or knee strains, or back pain.

Improving Mobility or Strength to Master a Skill

At the Crossfit gym that I treat out of sometimes, the athletes will come to me and ask, “How do I do a pull-up?” One of the best aspects of what I do is training an athlete in what it takes to perform a skill or progress their ability in that skill. In our sessions together we go over what muscles need to contract and the positioning of the joint in order to complete that skill.

Typically we complete a session by going over the most important exercises or stretches that they need to keep up with until we meet again. The expectation would be that with each session they are making gains in their mobility or strength in order to progress to the next aspect each time we meet. These sessions can be done individually or as a group.

Individualized Planning

Every person and team has different needs. It is most important to start out our time together with an assessment of your goals and mobility and strength. The findings from this assessment along with your goals help me to determine the plan going forward. Depending on where you have deficits will be the basis of where we start working.

So Let’s Get Started! Click here to schedule a free phone consultation.

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