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Spring Has Sprung! 4 Ways to Incorporate Outdoor Workouts

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

If you’re like me at all, I yearn for the sunshine and warm rays it brings to brighten my day and my soul! You can only workout so much inside before you want to go insane! So YAY for Spring which is already here in Georgia! Flowers are blooming everywhere! Trees are turning a bright green! And my car has officially been covered in yellow pollen! So let’s workout! Outside! Here are a few ways you can utilize the outdoors to get a great workout!

Running! Sprinting! Intervals!

The easiest way to get a workout in outside is going for a run. But, oh how fun is running? It’s not! It’s terrible! Ok, ok, I joke, but it isn’t my idea of a good time, but it is a good way to burn calories, increase our cardiovascular endurance, and open up some mental space. It doesn’t have to be just straight running though.

You can add in days working in some sprints. Maybe you do 10 sets of 50 yard sprints with 1 minute breaks in between, along with 2 sets of 200 yard sprints. There are many ways to program sprints so don’t get stuck with one way of doing them, that’s boring also. If you really need to be brought back to earth about your level of fitness, try sprinting hills! OMG, the agony and amazingness of how it feels to finish hill sprints!

Another option for changing up your runs outside is to include intervals. What’s an interval? This is when you alternate between high intensity runs and lower intensity runs, walks, or rest. For example: run hard/sprint for 1 minute, walk or jog for 1 minute, repeat. You can increase or decrease the length of time, intensity, distance depending on your level of fitness and goals.

Visit a Park!

Parks are beautiful, peaceful, and typically convenient. You can choose to run along a path at the park, take in the scenery and allow your brain time to rest. You can also choose to use the equipment at the park, if available, to complete a circuit workout or create one of your own for example: lunges, squats, step ups on the picnic table seat, push-ups…the options are endless!

Some communities offer different programs in the park such as yoga, running clubs, or group training. Following your local parks or community groups online can provide you with information on what they offer and ways to get involved. OR you can start a group of your own!

What Does Your Home Have to Offer?

Do you have a hilly yard that you can walk or run up and down? Do you have steps that you can walk or run up and down? Do you have a bench or half wall that you can sit to stand from?

There are so many ways to use what your house gave ya to get in a good workout. I’ve even seen neighbors pull a yoga mat out to their driveway with some dumbbells and a jump rope and get in a core workout, some cardio and strength training while enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

Programming, Training, or Physical Therapy

A great place to start is asking for help. If you have no idea where to start, I can assist you with that. Whether you are looking for someone to program you some workouts, train you and keep you accountable, or give you physical therapy to work on a pain or injury you are dealing with, I’m your girl! Let’s get started! The first step is scheduling a phone consultation to discuss what you’re looking for and make sure I am the best fit for you.

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