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Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Physical therapists are doctors in their field and specialists in movement. All of this means we are experts at watching you move and determining what may be wrong causing you to have pain, lack of movement, or difficulty with a certain skill. Many times assessing your mobility and movement is used to determine the reason for your pain, but it doesn’t have to be.

People often think that since they aren't located in Atlanta, Georgia they can't benefit from my services; however, this type of work is very effective even across state lines! Virtual sessions are easy to set up and even easier to complete. Because I can watch you move and be able to notice deficits you may have, it is totally possible to get results even from states away.

There are many ways that I can help you aside from recovering from an injury. One of my favorite ways is through injury prevention education and training. I can also provide exercise programming and training to help enhance your performance overall or with a particular skill. I’m going to explain a few of these options in this blog so keep reading!

You’re A Doctor?!?!

Why, yes…Yes I am! In the field of physical therapy you are required to have a Doctorate degree with years of training in physiology, anatomy, pharmacology (understanding medications), and even differential diagnosis (being able to tell you if what is going on is something I can help you with or do you need a different specialty).

When we work together, I utilize all of the training and skills I have acquired to give you the best ways to increase your flexibility, range of motion, strength, power, speed, etc. I regularly complete continuing education courses and read up on the most recent research in order to keep my skills up and use the best options for each scenario.

The biggest difference between myself, a personal trainer, and a coach is the education piece. Make sure you are taking advice from the person that can provide you the most effective and safe information to progress to your goals.

What Can I Do for You?

Well…what do you need?

Is your team looking for a way to prevent injuries that seem to ravage the players throughout the season? I provide workshops where I educate the team and coaches on proper technique and form with different movements as well as how to strengthen those movements to prevent injury. These workshops can be as short as a few hours or as long as a whole weekend. Depending on how in depth you want me to go and if you prefer each player receive an individual assessment to determine their deficits, which can all be decided specific to your team.

Is your team struggling to get to the next level? Or are they stuck or complacent? I can complete assessments of movement on each player, determine where they are limited and provide programming to work on each of these weaknesses through strengthening, building agility, increasing their vertical, etc. Sometimes, just having someone else there to paint the picture, educate the kids, and give them goals to work towards helps them take the next step.

Learning how to first strengthen the muscles that you need to complete specific movements is the first step. Then, understanding how to use these muscles in sport-specific motion is the next, more difficult part. This process is something that we can work on together as a team or individually with each player. If you're still not sure if PT is right for you or your team, click the link to check out my post "Not Sure Where to Start or When to Start Physical Therapy: 3 Key Indications."

The Options Are Endless!

The options really are endless in how I can help you or your team and what I can do to help them. The first step is to get on the phone and talk about what you have going on and what your goals are individually or for your team. Once we talk, I can determine if working together will be the best option for you and how I can best help you.

Head to my website to see how I’ve helped others and the services I offer. You can also check out the blog I wrote a while back on The 3 Reasons Why You Need a Physical Therapist to give you more understanding of what I can help you with.

The most important step for you at this point is scheduling a time for us to talk. I provide FREE phone consultations to discuss your situation, so let’s go ahead and get that scheduled now and take the first step in helping you or your team take it to the next level! Click here to schedule now!

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